Private guided bike tours

L’échappée belle gives you a brand new perspective on Berlin, taking you on a three to four hours guided bike tours. Those enlightened getaways will give you the key to understanding the city’s development, its history, its current challenges in a dynamic way, while avoiding the mainstream touristic routes…

L’échappée belle proposes private tours for small groups which are just perfect for couples, families or friends visiting Berlin. If you’re interested in taking part in a tour, or if you have any question, just send us a mail at contact(at)

Some examples of our tours are listed below, we’re also able to develop tailor-made tours on very short notice, just ask us!


Berlin, essentially

Feel the evolution of the city from the small medieval town to the Prussian glories, from the dark moments of the third Reich and the GDR regime to the 90’s reunion. Hop from highlight to highlight following alternative routes, discover Mitte hidden courtyards, the surroundings of the Spree and the Museum Island.


Along the Wall

Understand the division of Berlin in the post WWII context, measure the impact of the urban scar in the city and on its inhabitants, at that time and nowadays. The tour simultaneously allows to experience the pulse of the beautiful district of Prenzlauer Berg, its green parks and pleasant cafés…




Discover the monumental architecture and the resolute urbanism flourishing on the surroundings of the Tiergarten, eldest park from the city and former hunting grounds of the Margrave of Brandenburg, and the way it always expressed Berlin’s successive great visions.